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“I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Dana. She radiates spirituality and has a deep knowledge of her craft that I really appreciate. I’ve seen her for Reiki and for a card reading and each time I came away feeling calm, centered and inspired. Thank you Dana!” – F.K., GA


“I feel fortunate to have found Dana.  I have used several of her services including Reiki, Reiki certification training and Spiritual Coaching.  I’ve loved them all.  Our Spiritual Coaching sessions have greatly enhanced my life.  Because of her great intuition and coaching experience, she was able to help guide me and give me additional tools to help clarify my sense of purpose and deepen my spiritual practice and connection. The results of our Spiritual Coaching sessions have been truly amazing and have changed my life.”  – Tricia L., GA


“I just wanted to write a quick and very ringing endorsement for Dragonfly Reiki. Dana Lisa Young is a miracle worker! I’ve been sick as can be with an asthmatic episode…[S]he gave me a quick 15 minute session, and the horrible pain in my chest (I refer to it as feeling like there are spongy, wet bricks in my lungs) disappeared. I had been teary all day struggling with it and by the end of the night, I was teary with gratitude.” – Katherine, Decatur GA 


“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart..I have never experienced something like the reiki session I had yesterday evening. I have a lot of emotional baggage I have been holding on to and you have showed me a different way to cope. Your work is amazing.” – M.N., Atlanta GA

“I wanted to send you a few words of appreciation today, more than anything to tell you how much I’m enjoying Reiki and the positive impact it’s having on me. My spiritual vocabulary may be limited, but I can tell you that my body feels powerful and healthy in ways that it has not in many years…and I am so thankful for that. I find that my attitude and how I approach stress are changing positively, too, and that I don’t feel nearly as angry and despondent as I used to, even just a few months ago. In short, I’m starting to feel more complete and connected to my life than before. I think that’s thanks, in part, to my Reiki sessions.” – Rebecca, Atlanta GA


“My sister discovered Dragonfly Reiki while she was hunting online for someone in the Atlanta area to provide reiki treatments for myself and my son. He had suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury and we had come to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for rehab. We had our first session with Dana when she came to my son’s room at Shepherd. She took a few minutes to explain reiki to us and then began the session with David. He was on a ventilator at the time and, because of the injury, was constantly feeling cold. As she began the session, we could see that David could feel it. Also, we could watch the volume of his breaths on the ventilator’s screen. At one point, when Dana moved to his left side, the volume numbers increased significantly and remained higher until she moved away, at which time the volume returned to its usual level. I decided to ask her to go back to his left side to see if the jump was just a coincidence, but, as soon as she went back to the left, the volume increased in just the same way and to the same level! After the session, David said that he felt warm and relaxed throughout, and he could tell that his breathing had gotten easier during the reiki as well. He wanted to keep going because it felt so good to be warm! Dana was warm, sweet and relaxed. She took time to get to know us and shared some of her own experience as well. I am pleased to highly recommend Dragonfly Reiki. Dana is truly caring and professional.” – Barbara, New Hampshire

“Reiki has proven to be a very effective pain and stress management tool for me over the past three years.  The major incident that Reiki assisted me with was due to a car accident where I was rear-ended at a stop-sign, the other car was travelling at about 30 mph and rammed me into the car in front (also stationary).  Fortunately, there were no broken bones, only soft tissue damage.  However, due to having Von Willebrands disease, I couldn’t take the anti-inflammatories to help with recovery and due to my own sensitivity to pain medication, was relying on Tylenol versus stronger analgesics.

The whiplash from the accident required physical therapy.  The range of motion improved over a couple of months of PT but the pain was still intense, so I sought the assistance of Dana Young, a master Reiki practioner.  The first session yielded noticeable pain relief and muscle relaxation, the following sessions continued to decrease the pain and increase the time between the spasms.  Two years later, I have what the orthopedic doctors would call a chronic neck pain.  On occasion I’ll take Tylenol to ease the pain if a spasm comes on, but I know that a Reiki session will always be more effective long-term; helping my body to heal rather than mask symptoms.

As a physically active person, my body is pushed pretty hard. With the riskier sports like snowboarding where a fall could lead to bad bruising or broken bones, I take precaution by using Humate-P beforehand (and of course wear a helmet!).  However, if an injury is a sprain, muscle pull or other type of damage that might take longer to heal, I go to Reiki to help ease the pain and encourage healing.  Reiki has been a safe, effective pain management tool that may be an option for others.” – RS, Atlanta, GA
“Many, many thanks to Dana for introducting me to Reiki last week. The session was fantastic! Dana first took some time to connect and get to know me and my situation [32 weeks pregnant]. Then we got started. Being a yogi, I kept thinking about getting out of my body through breathwork, but then after a few minutes, it hit me. By staying present in my body, I could experience the great sense of relaxation and balancing that was happening. And then my mind began to relax on its own. The entire experience felt great!

I highly recommend any mamas-to-be to take the time to schedule a session with Dana. She’s really a wonderful person who has a amazing skill.” – Shannon, Atlanta GA
“I had never experienced Reiki before but I had heard of its beneficial healing abilities.  I wanted to take the classes and become a Reiki practitioner to assist myself and (my interest is) animals. So I did my research online.  I visited many websites, and the reason I chose Dana was that her website was personable. She sounded like a comfortable person I could connect with.  I contacted her by email and the message returned reflected that and more.

I wasn’t wrong. Dana was as personable as her website and emails portrayed her to be.  She not only went through the history of Reiki but explained the philosophies of Western and Eastern. She took the time to answer questions and recommend further readings. She offered handouts that reiterated and embellished what she shared with us.  She gave us the Attunement for the class and gave us time to let the energy flow and ebb in us and around us. In the latter part of the class Dana had us experience Reiki, perform self Reiki and practice Reiki on other members of the class. Dana also shared personal experiences with Reiki and had us share our feelings, etc. throughout the day.  I thought this was very important as they 1.) made me realize everyone experiences something a little different depending on what healing needs to take place  2.) how we need to let ourselves go (not be so uptight or try to hard) to let the energy flow within us. and 3.) how practice actually strengthens the healing energy.

The second class was a deeper experience as I learned more of Reiki, received more Attunements and practiced once again with fellow Reiki practitioners.

The final plus!!! Dana doesn’t leave you high and dry after classes. She continues to keep in touch and share her joy and experiences of Reiki . You always know someone is there to assist you and keep you moving forward in what you want to accomplish with Reiki.”  – Sharon, Duluth, GA

“My experience with Dana has been and continues to be amazing. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I have had a cortisone shot, steroid medication as well has pain medication. None of these things have given me any relief. I’ve known Dana for a few years and know how amazing she is at what she does – as well as being a wonderful, caring person with a beautiful soul. I had never had Reiki before and decided I would let Dana give me distance Reiki since I live in Florida. I was at the point that I would try anything. I was so amazed with the results after our first session. After a couple of sessions I was feeling great. So much so that I could get up and do all my normal activities PAIN FREE – something I hadn’t been able to do for months! I am extremely greatful to Dana for sharing her gift with me.”
– Laurie, Jacksonville, FL
“Working with Dana was my first experience with Reiki. I didn’t know what to expect, but I soon relaxed and achieved a deep meditative calm. I found this a very welcome benefit.” – Randy, Decatur
“My experience with Dana was awesome.  Incredibly relaxing and restorative.   It was quite a colorful experience.   Thank you for sharing your gift with the planet.” – Louie, Atlanta
I met Dana via the internet when we were both pregnant with our first children.  We became friends and stayed in contact despite living on opposites sides of the country. A year ago, my husband and I started trying for our second child. I tried Clomid, HCG injections, FSH injections and progesterone. I went through 9 unsuccessful IUI’s. Dana then sent me a candle charged with Reiki. I followed her instructions, saying a short prayer asking that any energy blockages in my body be released so that I could conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. She also included me in her daily affirmations. The following month was my 10th IUI, and Dana sent me a rainbow moonstone to promote fertility and support a pregnancy. I took it to all of my doctor’s appointments. I am now 5 weeks pregnant! I know that Dana’s distance Reiki helped me to conceive. She has been given the gift of being a vessel through which divine intervention can occur. Thank you Dana.” – Natalie, Orange County, CA
My first experience with the practice of Reiki was with Dana. After what should have been a simple out-patient surgery turned into a serious staph infection I went to see Dana for advice and assistance. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but walked away from the experience lighter in spirit. Dana is a very special person, the sort that seems so grounded that she should have roots delving deep into the earth rather than simple human feet. She has combined this remarkable personal trait with the practice of Reiki and achieved a wonderful balance. My first visit with Dana will certainly not be my last. I have a lot to learn through her and from Reiki. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Meredith, Atlanta
“Dana is an inspiring and enthusiastic Reiki teacher. She created a superb educational environment for us and paid close attention to our personal and learning needs. I really appreciate that she limited the class size so that we each had more time for hands-on practice and individual questions. An all-round five-star experience. Thanks, Dana!” – Valerie, Decatur
“Having experienced chronic pain in my hip for many years, any promise of help is worth investigating.  Chiropractic and massage have been very helpful, but some days there is just no relief.  Out of curiosity and desperation one weekend, I went to a 20 minute Saturday session.  I couldn’t even lay flat on the table, my hip hurt so badly. By the time I got up, there was no pain at all.  That 20 minutes bought me 3 pain-free days!  I’ll definitely be back for more reiki!  Thanks, Dana!” – Jenn, Decatur
“I wanted to let you know how healing your class was for me.  I had the tingling you mentioned in my shoulder that night after the class and by the next day my shoulder felt healed, no more pain.  I also felt I had a lot of energy releases, purging old stuff.  It was wonderful and I feel very calm and peaceful now.” – Joan, Atlanta

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